sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

We are not outraged.

We, a great number of Venezuelans do understand the reasons why you, outraged of the USA and the world, have to contest and struggle against the capitalistic system and its arms used against the peoples of the planet, namely IMF, World Bank, FTA and some others.

You might wonder why. The answer is simple. We became upset and very outraged more than 20 years ago. Historically so, we were the first the world over to revolt against above mentioned “institutions”, neo liberalism and imperialism. There was a time back in 1989 when we got fed up, were up to beyond our necks and decided to take and occupy several cities. The imperial world and its puppet government reacted the only way they know and are used to: SAVAGE REPRESSION. Up to now, so many years later, the number of dead is still unknown as well as missing persons, wounded were counted by the thousands and material and social losses impossible to calculate. Those events began on February 27, 1989, lasted for several days and were known as “El Caracazo” ever since what happened in that city was the worst by large. The fight, actual fight, went on for ten more years until a time came when people finally found an acceptable possible solution.

The solution to be experimented was to get rid of traditional politicians and, of course, old rotten political parties. Formal representative democracy was replaced by direct democracy, that is, THE PEOPLE TAKE THE REINS OF THE COUNTRY and that certainly goes along with the definition of democracy: government of the people, by the people, for the people. Conclusion had been finally reached that political parties did not represent the people but other interests, namely those of the oligarchies, domestic and foreign corporations and the empire. We had discovered, as well as you do now, that we were more and they only a few, they were united and organized; we were not. So, we began to get together, to unite, to organize and keep on doing so to present time.

Venezuelans elected a President and other officers who did not come from within traditional political parties or social castes; commercial, industrial, financial or banking associations. He came from within the profound people. He represented and still represents no other interests than those of the people and has not betrayed them so far. That single fact explains why his popularity grows and grows every year; that explains why he has been re-elected several times and shall continue on being so as long as he governs for the people, but above all, with the people. One of his publicly shared secrets has been to transfer power to the people, and that is definitively a way to have a government of the people. No one knows better people’s needs that the very people. Furthermore: it is axiomatically correct: only the people save the people.

A new Constitution was written, but not written at a lawyer’s bureau. People was wise enough to include the figure of the call off referendum to revoke mandates to every elected officer; but also included education, health, nutrition, housing, water, natural resources, labour and some others as constitutional rights. The national budget has to be formulated in such a way that social spending has the largest share, thus contributing and tending to even national wealth distribution.

You may well and are entitled to ask for results. In spite of the true fact that the revolutionary government began actually working towards its goals after 2004, only after “putting the house in some order” during the first four to five years, enduring destabilization, coup d’etat, sabotage, criminal strikes, lock outs, criminal attempts, etc. promoted and financed by internal and external forces, results are remarkable. Most of UN Millennium Goals have already been attained; poverty, extreme poverty, malnutrition, preventable sickness rates and other important aspects dramatically diminished and, on the other end, human development, wealth distribution, schooling, education, health, nutrition, housing, life expectance, infrastructure, water, sanitation, communications, cultural events, natural resources and many other important values unbelievably increased. I will not bore you with programs and figures. If interested, they are fully available in specialized Internet web pages, such a UN, UNESCO, CEPAL, FAO, even FMI and World Bank.

Errors, failures and mistakes? Many. We all recognize them and are always trying to improve results, but we have not copied or traced other’s ideas. Ours has been our own invention and have followed up a trial and error experiment approach. Remember, only nothing doers do not err or make mistakes.

Social spending concept and meaning has changed. It is now SOCIAL INVESTMENT. Money and other resources used to improve living standard so that population live normal lives; better housing, schools, hospitals, etc. to be enjoyed by many more. I shall mention two achievements only: illiteracy was barred several years ago and Venezuela stands fourth in superior (University) education access rank worldwide.

It is written on the Bible, do not give a fish, but teach to fish. I dare to add, give fishes while you are teaching. Think about it.

Do you understand why we are not outraged now? We were very mad and furious for a long while and none the world over helped us or came in solidarity. We were lone pioneers and fought alone, and that is why we do understand and are willing to help you. At least we offer our solidarity and moral support. If accidentally you happen to know about some of our public gatherings, be sure we are not protesting but demonstrating our solidarity with all of you.  

But only a very few of you possibly knew about all this. How come? Had corporate controlled world media been fair at informing, lots of you would have known but did not; on the contrary, they misinformed, hid or twisted, or just lied; but on top of that, they continue on a discredit campaign against the country, the people and the revolution. You naively may wonder why. Think it over for a little while and you will discover their reasons as the same they have now to discredit the occupants’ movement, i.e. both historical events somehow attempt against corporate greedy interests, therefore against imperial political interests. Unfortunately, the running system does not represent people’s interest (and dreams) but plutocracies. And they just give a damned about you. But now you know it.


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