sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2011

You were warned

The historically prevailing system has used an easy method against peoples for centuries that has not much evolved and has remained almost unchanged. That method has been applied the world over ever since the invention of capitalism and just for a little refresher I’ll mention only a few of their “glorious achievements”.

May be you remember from your history and literature lessons that the first “modern” documented exploited were poor Europeans splendidly narrated by Charles Dickens from England, Victor Hugo from France, among others famous authors. Next step, once Europe’s poor had been bled almost to death it was then the chance for Africans to suffer their part for centuries. In a chain of shameful bloody events China, India, Latin America and almost every third world country were abusively extorted, looted and drained.

It is now your chance to sip the same medicine we are experts at. We know a lot about and we can teach you how to get rid of them quickly. We learnt at the school of hard knocks and for sure we never flunked.

Capitalism defrauds, extorts, sucks and drains off whatever they can in terms of natural, human, financial, monetary and other resources. And be aware, keep your mouth shut and better smile otherwise their reaction is, as I previously warned you, the most brutal and criminal repression. They just don’t care how many are wounded, injured or killed; they merely merciless crack upon the slightest sign of discontent. I purposely said “discontent” for I don’t want to mention the word “rebellion” yet.

They have had sufficient time along several centuries to develop a completely tangled up system that entirely works for their interests. Banking, financial, economical, political, social, cultural and other aspects are interrelated in such a way it’s almost impossible to tackle each one individually, all of them are parts of a complicated network and back up and support each other thus getting something near invulnerability.

Just to mention one, banking system draws money and richness out of people’s pockets and piggy banks. Bankers put not even one single damned penny of theirs. But, what do they do with our money? Easy, they lend it to themselves, almost never to the real owners. Now, imagine a repetitive occurrence; a bank lends money to a company of theirs, the directors rob it and the company goes “bankrupt”. Should it be one single company, there should be no special consequences; however, think of it in terms of many huge enterprises. The bank officially collapses but the reading should be that bank directors artificially created an anomalous situation to grab all what people have deposited. The end result is that many people are defrauded, extorted and exhausted but bankers become richer and richer. On top of that, bankers go to the government they control and ask for money (bailouts). Additionally, they then go to their controlled media and give many nonsense explanations to convince robbed people to maintain peace and keep quiet.

Should people get mad and protest, you know what automatically happens. Politicians they control order brutal repression. The final result is that people is not only sucked but clubbed, wounded, killed, disappeared or put in jail for years on top.

Go to the fountains, do some research and find out what happened to previous generations, many of whom are in oblivion, missing or dead. At best, poorer than before.

Solution? Forget about traditional politicians. They ask you to cast your vote for candidates of their choice, never yours, and later impose disguised dictatorship. Bipartisan system is a fallacy and that we know for we did suffer it for years.

Forget about traditional politicians and take power for yourselves and by yourselves. Enact your own laws according to your best interests and dreams.

Time has come to expect nothing from them but from you.

Is it difficult or unreal? No, it is not. Even though it is a difficult solution with many problems to solve and takes time to implement, we are in that course of action against all evil forces that want to destroy us and our achievements. The enemy is the strongest in the world, old and new empires, transnational corporations, the world banking and financial system; and even worst, internal fifth columnists, traitors, lackeys and sepoys.

Never forget, you are the 99%, many more than them. They are extraordinarily organized and you are not. Get united and organized; the sky should be the limit. We wish at heart the best of lucks for all of you. We offer our solidarity, moral support and advise just in case you think you need it.

The present spread movement is named in Spanish speaking countries as “Indignados”. I have not found an identical term in English. Indignado (singular) means someone whose dignity has been trampled. That’s your case. Wake up and force them to stop trampling you forever.


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