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Foreword: an old friend of mine and his lovely wife sent me an email urging me to write some words in English because “their command of Spanish faces many shortcomings and the Google translation does not help us (them) much”. They also insisted on “a message to occupiers, we (they) occupy Chicago”.  So, sorry for my poor command of written Shakespearean language but, what the heck! I dare and here it goes.  

I publicly declare my deepest concern about US outraged people whose justified demands against capitalistic methods, banker’s behaviour, plutocratic laws, etc., have them on the verge of brutal police repression. However my concerns grow as I recall how other social movements were completely banished in former times, namely the 60’s civil laws struggle and hippie outbreak, 70’s anti Viet Nam war and other socially and/or economically motivated qualms.

My sentiments nonetheless are twofold; on one side, my concerns as mentioned above; on the other, the common struggle on the rest of the world for almost the same purposes motivates me and should give rise to your thrust. You US fellows are not alone, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Great Britain, Iceland, Chile and other countries are now with you fighting identical wars; therefore, do your best to create solidaristic international networks for mutual help and useful experience interchange.

Most of your were not even born during those early decades and, of course, most of you know little or no history at all concerning those gloomy dreary days when pure naïve juvenile groups were sneaky infiltrated by governmental, or system, agents who destroyed colourful dreams for freedom and better lives for all. Yes boys, girls, young lads and gals, mature men and ladies, do some research and find out about Woodstock and other intense happenings.

Have you heard about missing or assassinated people in Latin America and other parts of the world? May be, yes you do. However, let me point out such methods and actions were not devised by dirty dictators, brutal governments. Surprised? I guess so. Let me also point out devisers were all entirely within US criminal institutions such as the school of the americas, cia, nsa, nic, nctc, dia, fbi, nsc, nidc, ct, etc. (lower case characters to show revulsion and contempt) whose “noble” aim was to destroy national security enemies, mainly communist subjects. At those times, cold war era, communism was the baby eater monster to be destroyed no matter means involved to. In our times, the term communism or communist was changed to terror or terrorist. Such terms have justified opened and undercover procedures to protect interests regardless of moral and ethics. Remember that many top monkeys have proclaimed since long US has no friends but interests, corporative I should say, industrial military and financial I should emphasize.

Missing people was and continues to be a deep concern among Latin Americans and more and more brutal sad stories are revealed about South Cone dictatorships; however people and institutions have enacted codes and taken actions to prosecute criminals but, above all, to fulfil the right of people to know who they were and what they did.

Along the same line of thought, you, US young fellows, are entitled to know your own recent history that agencies and corporations have longly denied to you. What was the actual plot to assassinate late President Kennedy? What political and corporate interests where there behind it? Who has fostered so many wars and interventions the world over? What did it ever happen to social leaders who struggled to reach civil rights?  Who ordered their killing or disappearance? Estimated figures show at least 10 to 12,000 missing persons during those horrible years when social fighters were chased, or hunted I should say.

In order to proceed with serious investigations it is imperative that you should tear off a vision nullifying mask governmental and corporative agencies have placed on your eyes to conceal reality. Media is always portraying delights and the loveliest part of the American Dream, but, let me question you, have you ever seen a Fox, CNN, CBS, ABC or others report on poverty, wealth distribution, popular housing, human rights violations, corruption, authorities abuses, unmoral corporate profits, war crimes by US forces abroad, thief bankers bailouts, and some more like issues? Why not bailing out mortgages thus saving house owners?

US corporate media obey other corporate interests and both manipulate politicians on Capitol Hill and other echelons of the entangled political establishment. Media never refers to real life events; on the contrary they portray exclusively propaganda to persuade people to pursue exactly the path that is monetary convenient to corporations.

Corporations give a damned nothing about people health, education, housing, shelter, feeding, life level and so on. They are penny pinchers, all what they want is your money and the worst of all is that they don’t care about means to get it. No ethic or moral are involved and their greed pushes them into even the worst crimes.

I congratulate you for having finally realized you are 99%. You are many more than your exploiters but the slight difference is that they are organized and you are not. Therefore, get together; unite yourselves towards a common struggle. Unified people cannot be defeated.

Be alert to pitfalls earlier generations never avoided. Beware of gossipers, traitors and fifth columnists and, above all, of tricky tempting offers to quit the movement. Remember counterintelligence is highly skilled at neutralizing leadership from the very inner core.  

Finally, a last but not least word for you to remember, you are not isolated, most of people the world over are with you; so, I motivate you to have COURAGE AND to go ONWARD! Yes, your goal is RIGHT AHEAD!


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