lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Feasible solutions

Lots and lots of ink and millions of bytes, both on newspapers, magazines or internet, have been lately used in so many writings about recent political, economical, financial, social, environmental and even criminal events worldwide. Analyses, recommendations, suggestions of all kind have flooded all sorts of media, be it corporate or alternative, in one or other direction, according to one or another viewpoint. However, I’ll refer exclusively to those pointing towards indignados, occupiers, revolted, rebelled, furious, outraged and mad, fed up, etc. people around the world. No feasible or recommended solution is offered so far to get off the chaos.

Please let me point out I’m not intending to criticize those actions nor what’s being written; on the contrary I’ll aim at helping if at all possible to obtain better concrete results than those up to now.

Please let me also point out that all I’ll be writing comes out directly from the horse’s mouth; therefore, start assuming all as sincere, frank, positive and well minded.

All of you are perfectly entitled to doubt. Who am I to pontificate? Who am I to give any piece of advice to all of you? Well, I’ve just mentioned that all would directly come out of the horse’s mouth. Yes fellows, I was one like you. I was directly involved in a similar struggle for years and nowadays I’m happily enjoying its outcome and results; therefore, I’m indignado no more; on the contrary, I’m a happy satisfied revolutionary.

It’s widely accepted that POLITICS is a science, social though; therefore, subject to human character. It’s not definitively an exact science like math or physics for it takes into account variable human values. As per accepted ancient definition, democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people; thus, for the benefit and welfare of persons and those goods fostered by politicians, i.e. persons dedicated to politics, in other words to take care of persons’ problems, wishes and desires, both personally and collectively.

Politicians should always aim at solving societal problems, but their behavior to be restricted to three specific values, namely, truth, importance and value. Let’s sum up. Whatever action undertaken by a politician should be IMPORTANT, VALUABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY.

All above lead us to an obvious conclusion: almost no country the world over is democratically governed but by fake, false and deceptive democracies. Almost no nation the world over is governed by real politicians but by technocrats. Most are disguised democracies directed by corporations or entangled corporate groups.

Needless to say those pseudo democracies don’t work for the benefit of the people. They work for their own greedy selfish interests. How has that happened? Easy, they cheat and make us think they work for us when they’re really working for something different. Ruling groups are expert at maneuvering and calculating every step to set up and perform their plans, but they also carefully consider how to make us swallow that. Nothing is frank and sincere, nothing is trustworthy.

By following a carefully calculated scientifically designed plan of action they let us know only what is convenient for them to inform and for us to know.  Thus, they don’t release what’s important but convenient towards their selfish interested goals.

We all know that economy is of paramount importance for all societies. The eternal rule of thumb clearly indicates that collective wealth is to be equally distributed among society members; but justice – a longly forgotten word – says that such distribution is to be done by giving to all according to their needs and taking from all according to their capacities. The same rule of thumb says something absolutely obvious: the wealth of a nation is to be distributed with justice among its members and that have been done nowhere for years. Otherwise you would have not come to a dramatic conclusion: most of the wealth goes to a negligible percentage of the population, something you clearly and widely express, we are 99%.

Evo Morales, the indigenous Bolivian leader, once said that they got fed up while asking politicians (?) to solve their problems, so they decided to take power for themselves to solve their own problems. That’s a way, perhaps the sole way. We took it after a horrible struggle against a mighty powerful enemy and the job is not entirely finished yet, but we keep on fighting and achieving justice for our people.

All of you have shown more patience than us. You have been squeezed by your necks much longer than us. One possible explanation could be that the mask we had in front of our eyes was easier to throw away than yours. Our advise, take off that mask, cleanse your brains, demand no more to traditional leaders for your problems solutions, get united and organized, get rid of traditional pseudo politicians and take power by yourselves and for yourselves.

The key is union. People united can’t be defeated. You are much more than them. You’re 99%, so start up and go ahead. The sky should be your limit.


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